Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why Backpacking is the Best Way to Travel?

Backpacking is for the Traveller not the Tourist. What are you?

Backpacking is ultimate freedom! You write the rules, it is Life sans worries!

You open doors to new avenues and not the same things done over and over again.

It creates experiences which are exquisite. New to you and to what you encounter as well!

It is dead cheap! You pay the least for the most wonderful experiences.

Who said it is not a good idea to take your family backpacking? Give it a shot and you will absolutely love it!

Backpacking teaches you the ways of the world, values, respect, & humility.

You make wonderful friends, you rediscover yourself to find so many things you never knew about yourself!

Sometimes you find the one you were looking for all your life !

Tripmonk wishes fellow Travellers Bon Voyage!

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