Monday, August 21, 2017

Stop and Shop on Your Next Visit to Matheran

The last time I visited Matheran I was merely 13, a school trip; major part of which was spent talking about boys and celebrity crushes. :D This time around though, I really saw Matheran, and it is one of the most beautiful places I have been to so far. The subtle breeze that sweeps you off your feet, the dewy greens that land you straight into a fantasy and the majestically beautiful mountains, what's not to love? And I am going to give you one more reason to love it: its not-so-hustling-bustling but genuinely amazing market.

So, if you are done witnessing the beauty of King George Point, Louisa Point, and One Tree Hill  Point, among others; these are the stores to head to.

1. Leather Boutique

This corner store on M. G. Road instantly grabbed my attention due to its trendy sling bags. Hardly did I know, there was more to it than just sling bags. Once inside, I was in for a treat. Shoulder bags, laptop bags, clutches, sunglass cases, and coin purses; there was nothing this store did not offer, and all of it in fine leather. Thanks to the lovely collection (that comes at reasonable prices), I ended up spending more than an hour, deciding what to buy. I ended up buying five times more than I was supposed to. So, make sure you carry some spare cash with you while heading here.

Address: M.G. Road, Opp. Ram Mandir
Contact: 02148 230015

  2. Reliable Footwear

With genuine leather footwear placed neatly between the price range of Rs 300 and Rs 1000, this store offers an immense variety for both, men and women. The store offers a wide range of footwear that's suitable for your ethnic as well as sporty needs. The soft spoken and delightful owner makes the shopping experience all the more pleasing.

Where: Shop No. 1, M. G. Road, Opp Ram Mandir
Contact:  9422495546

3. Bhagyashree Footwear

I don't know why exactly their name says footwear, because this store does not have any footwear on offer. However, their collection of bags, piggy banks, and other similar articles is downright fabulous. The piggy banks come in the range of Rs 400 - 800, depending on the size, while the handbags go beyond Rs 1000, a tad bit expensive than the ones we got at Leather Boutique.

Where: M. G. Road, Opp. Masjid Kapadia Market
Contact: 9404561807


4. Nariman Chikki Mart

Surprisingly the only food store on the list, Nariman Chikki Mart sure deserves the spot; not only for its mouth-watering chikkis, but also for the melt-in-the-mouth fudges. Apart from the dozen varieties of chikkis, the fudges also come in four different flavors: chocolate, strawberry (yes, you read that right), dryfruit, and mango - all of them really delicious. Among the chikkis, I would recommend dryfruit, groundnut, groundnut powder, cashew, and my favorite - the chana chikki. Those with a love for walnuts can opt for the walnut one. Goodies like jams and fruit pulps are another reason to explore the store.

Where: M. G. Road
Contact: 02148 230131

Conveniently enough, these stores are located not very far from each other, making it all the more easier to shop, eat, repeat. Hope you enjoyed this post.

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